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Hire a scooter in Lefkas

Rent a Bike at Nydri Lefkada Greece

Our company operates a fleet of over 200 new scooters and motorbikes on the Island of Lefkada.

Prices starts from 2 Euros per Day.


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Lefkada scooter  Hire : Rent A Bike

Touring the island by motorbike or moped is a popular choice for holiday makers. Economical, easy to park and capable of touring the whole island , summer  in Lefkada on two wheels can be great fun. For renting a bike, if the driver comes from a country-member of the European Union (Greece is exempt), a bike or moped driving license valid in their country is sufficient.

 Things to Know

For drivers coming from countries outside the European Union, an international motorbike or moped driving license is compulsory.
Crash helmets are also compulsory. The main roads only have 2 lane traffic, and within the villages, the roads are very narrow. Nidri and the capital ( Lefkada town )  and other prominent villages on the island have free public parking areas. Use them to avoid traffic congestion and parking fines. When driving in Greece you must drive on the right hand side of the road.

Please contact us and choose the perfect type for you.


Lefkas Motorboat 

If you are looking to rent a lefkas motor boat at Lefkads Nidri please check all our new motor boats for rent at



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