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The Brokerage Department of Travel Solutions Real Estate provides integrated services with an expertise in the Western Greek property marketplace. Our team of highly dedicated professionals, with years of experience as brokers and appraisers, serve as intermediaries in the purchase, sale or rental of residential properties (city/primary residences and/or holiday/second homes) as well as commercial properties (offices, retail stores, and warehouses). Our in-house team of experts possess an especially high degree of proficiency in the purchase and sale of land plots (from the simple construction of a single home or multi-unit residential project to even a complex commercial development) the emphasis is always to add value
to your real estate investment. Through our Legal Department we provide our clients with essential legal and tax consultations. Our experienced team of engineers and architects provide much needed technical
support. In direct cooperation with leading banks our Mortgage/Finance Department, negotiating on the client’s behalf, can secure the financing needed at optimal terms and conditions

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CONTACT US :  Nidri, Lefkada, GREECE Tel: (0030 )26450 92136 - Fax: (0030) 26450 92440 mobile: (0030) 6944628338